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so no chii no sadame jooooooooooojoooooooooooo
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blasetois: hi! i noticed that you weren't using the astrums url and was wondering at all if you had any thought to pass it on? thank you! •u•

Im afraid i dont have that url! the person must have had this url before me.


Optimized for Billy player. This is an update for my 1st music player. Note that the pixel actually slides downwards when hovered.
Place this code between <style type=”text/css”> and </style>.
Place this code between <body> and </body>.
Replace “musicgif” with a pixel of your choice.
Replace “music player code” with your music player code.
You can find some suitable music gifs here or here.

7x7 icons

Here are some icons I made for my theme.
They’re free to use (credit not needed)
They’re transparent
You may change the colors in ps, ms paint, pixlr etc.
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jolyene: heyo


Title: mami
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Title: Onii-chan~! daisuki!
Artist: Nase Mitsuki
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